Miracles For You (Part 1)

The famous philosopher Pascal once said, “It’s illogical to not believe in miracles.”

Miracles look illogical. But I have to say in the light of experience that in reality the realm of miracles extends beyond the limits of logic.

A lot of miracles happen in our daily life with or without our knowledge. Sometimes we feel like we can’t take a single step forward. If we think logically, we can’t take a step further. The border of logic ends there. That is where we expect a miracle. A miracle, which can’t be measured by logic and is beyond human intelligence, happens there. This reminds us that beyond the visible world there is an invisible truth. An important door to a spiritual and invisible world opens here.


You might be stuck with a lot of problems in your life. Your plans and schemes might have failed. Your calculations might have gone wrong. Today what you need is a miracle. You can never be saved without a miracle.

In politics and international sports we often use the phrase, “He succeeded through an uprising of supporters.” Today you need a “spiritual uprising” to achieve success. Do you desire that from the depth of your heart?

This is the first in a series of posts on miracles.

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  1. Dear Metropolitan,

    I have blessed by reading this article.


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