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Are You Depressed?

Due to caste problems, in 1990 some young people committed suicide. They did it because they thought their situations would worsen.

Young people can become depressed by the communalism in the country where they were born and brought up; the thought that they cannot achieve heights due to the community they come from or the denial of encouragement and help from others. This depression can lead them to suicide.

We should never create a situation where someone curses his birth and parents. At the same time, we don’t want a community that lives on reservations or quotas to succeed; instead we need a generation willing to do any type of work without hesitation.

In a day’s time, a lot of people visit me and many ask me for help. I cannot help all the people who come to me, but unfortunately, saying “no” is not an answer.

Once a 24-year-old man came to visit me with his father; he was jobless. I felt like he was wasting his life by expecting others to help him or waiting for money from a government unemployment scheme.

I advised him to do some job, but he replied with the excuse that, “Nowadays we don’t get jobs, no matter what we study.” His answer reveals his laidback and discouraged nature.

I told him, “Every job has its own dignity: carpentry, hair cutting, stitching; in in any field where you have an aptitude, you can learn.” Again I told him, “I know a man, Paul, who learned carpentry after passing his 10th class. Now he owns a company and makes a lot of money.” After a short time of thought, the man answered, “How can I go for carpentry work?”

I did not show my anger to him, but replied gently, “Dear brother, don’t lead a useless life; find a job, make money and live with integrity.”

How to Succeed Against the Odds

Maybe you were born in a poor family, no government is coming forward to help you and the banks which offer a lot of promises have rejected you. But if you take all these adversities as challenges and work hard, nobody can stop you from prosperity.

Society, communalism and government can cause depression or fear of loss. But you can win over everything and reach the goal.

When society isolates you, believe that you are unique and get a determined attitude. Work hard to attain money, position and fame. Those who tried to suppress you will bow their head with shame in front of your courage and growth.

It is not a problem if somebody tries to discourage you, but when you discourage yourself, you will fall into a pit from which you can never climb up. Never think that you are good for nothing. Pledge to yourself that you will do great things with the help of God and achieve goodness and growth.

Never value a person based on their caste, parents or financial circumstances. It is not like that: the majority of the people who have achieved greater heights in life are from impoverished families.

But they didn’t get trapped in the “lower, higher” thoughts summoned by others and never accepted the isolation and scorn of society. They straightened their backs and fought, worked hard, studied and reached their goals. However much society tried, it could not ignore them.

Society may not have given value to you and me. But God Almighty counts you as valuable.

Our value before God does not change even if we don’t have anything in this world. Are you ready to learn things and work hard to achieve things without getting depressed? God will take care of us with his grace; He will strengthen us every day.

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