Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope provides care and hope to 74,000 children in desperate need.

This Dog is His Mother

“One of the most shocking reports I ever read was published in the English daily, The Indian Express, several years ago. On the front page was a photo of a little boy, half naked, lying on the sidewalk of a busy street. Next to the boy was a stray dog. Upon closer examination, I saw that it was a female dog and the little boy was actually sucking her milk. The caption below read: This dog is his mother.”

–Dr. K.P. Yohannan, Metropolitan

Providing a Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope sprang from Dr. K.P. Yohannan’s desire to give hope to children like this little boy who was hungry enough to drink milk from a dog. The project nurtures thousands of children, providing tutoring, nutritious food and medical attention.

Each project center also works to make a sustainable difference in the children’s community—breaking the cycle of poverty through skill training, literacy classes, preventative healthcare and community-wide awareness programs.

Each Child Receives:

  • Education
  • School Supplies and Uniforms
  • Nutritious Food and Healthcare
  • Holistic Care and Support

Bridge of Hope’s Impact




So Many Children are Still Waiting

There are still a billion children worldwide that live in extreme poverty. Many are forced into labor or prostitution.

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