Community Development

Helping families escape the poverty that has bound them for generations. Over one million people have been empowered and impacted.

Extreme Poverty: Children for Sale

”On January 7, 2011, more than 50 women from a tribal village in Malda, West Bengal, got together to sell their children at the market. First I thought it was a misprint. People go to market to sell vegetables and material things, not to sell their children! As I read on, however, I learned that their entire village is impoverished. None of these women were able to care for their children anymore…Sadly I read on that it is not an uncommon sight to see women going from door-to-door trying to find a buyer for their son or daughter.”

–Dr. K.P. Yohannan, Metropolitan

Developing Communities

Thousands of communities are stuck in the cycle of poverty. Families have no access to good shelter, nutritious food, clean water, sanitation or education. And they can’t afford to do anything about it. Generation after generation lives by scraping together just enough to survive.

Believers Church is changing this by providing community members with basic needs, giving them the means to support themselves and providing literacy and skill training.


  • Alleviating poverty through income-generating gifts
  • Improving access to water and sanitation through bore wells, BioSand water filters and toilets
  • Offering vital education to adults through literacy and health awareness classes and teaching skills like tailoring


People Benefited

Bore Wells

Literacy Students

The Cycle of Poverty is Breaking

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